Best Home Based Internet Business Practices That Guarantee Increased Productivity

Are you looking to increase the productivity of your home based internet business? Then you have come through to the right place. I have found these practices below have had the greatest impact on the productivity of my business. They are as follows:

Set a goal for your business bound by a time frame

Before you get entangled in all the other intricacies of running a home based internet business, you need to set some time apart in a quiet place to reflect on the main reasons why you have set up your business. You will need well defined goals.

Without a goal, you will be like the man who sets out on a journey without having any idea of where he wants to go. Since he has no defined destination, he would not know when he has arrived or when he has gone off course.

You need to write out your goals clearly because the clearer you are about what you want to achieve in your business the more focussed you will be in taking the right kind of action. Setting goals are crucial in every business endeavour and the home based internet business is no exception.

Determine the daily steps you require in order to achieve the goal

Once you have decided on the goals of your business you will then need to define the particular action steps that will be needed to achieve this goal. This is the next vital step in increasing productivity of your home based internet business.

For example, in one of my businesses, I started out with a goal to generate 150 leads a week. The following questions then needed answers:

· What do I need to do to generate this many leads on a weekly basis?

· Or to make it more manageable, how do I generate between 20 and 25 leads a day? (I worked out that by driving 200 to 250 visitors to my website daily I can achieve this number of leads assuming my opt-in rate is at 10%).

· What specific actions can I take to bring 250 visitors to my website? ( This could mean writing 10 articles a week, or having 10 videos posted on to you tube or it could be that you need to engage in other forms of marketing or traffic generating activities like email marketing or paid advertising).

Take action consistently on the daily steps outlined above in order to achieve the goals of your business.

Once you have determined the activities that you need to carry out; make sure you take action on a daily basis. In consistency lies the key to increased productivity in your business. Do these things over and over again, write more articles, post more videos, increase the reach of your advertisements? And do them consistently.

Don’t get sidetracked into being busy but take income-producing action on a regular if not daily basis.

Review your performance on a regular basis.

There is no guarantee that the actions you take will result in the achievement of your goals. So in order to ensure you are on the right path to getting your ’150′ weekly leads, for example, you need to monitor the performance of your traffic generating activities.

You need to actively track your results. Doing this is not difficult at all. All you need is to do is tag the links pointing back to your website such that every visitor and every lead you generate will have the tag attached.

So when you come to review your performance you can see which activities are producing what results. If you find that you are not getting any leads from your videos ( as an example), you can then go back and check out your video marketing strategy and see how you can improve it or you may choose to abandon it for a more viable method of driving traffic.